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  • Welcome to AllGuru.Net, a technology blog that shares programming command for Oracle database, web development, Unix operating system and etc.
    My name is Jing Hong and I love to share my knowledge and helping others technically via AllGuru.Net.
    I have been working on Oracle Financial Applications since year 2004 as support, developer and APPS DBA.
    What I’ve Learned So Far
    • Oracle PL/SQL
    • Oracle Reports Developer
    • Oracle Performance Tuning
    • Oracle Database
    • Oracle Forms Developer
    • MySQL Database
    • Unix Shell Scripting
    • PHP Scripting
    • C Programming
    • Java Programming
    • Network Security
    • WordPress CMS
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    This blog is for my love of technologies and serving tech community. I post what I learn from my day to day experience with the hope that it would benefit the readers.