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Oracle 9i SQL Active Connection

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    You may use the SQL line as below, run it on TOAD or SQL Plus to check the active connection on your database: –

    Oracle Active Session Connection

    SQL> SELECT b.sid, b.serial#, a.spid, b.program, a.username, 
    b.osuser, b.machine, b.status,b.logon_time, c.sql_text
    FROM v$process a, v$session b, v$sqltext c
    WHERE a.addr=b.paddr
    AND b.sql_hash_value = c.hash_value
    AND b.status = 'ACTIVE'
    ORDER BY a.spid, c.piece

    This SQL only applicable on Oracle 9i or Oracle 8i. It could be useful for monitoring purposes to you as a DBA

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