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Oracle Bad SQL Detection Script

  • By on August 20, 2008 | No Comments

    Did you ever want to check what is the SQL running with high resource consumption in your Oracle DB? The script below can help you to check by returning all the bad SQL line: –

    Check Bad SQL Script

    SQL> SELECT  b.username, a.disk_reads reads, a.executions exc,
    a.disk_reads / DECODE( a.executions, 0, 1,  a.executions) rds_exec_ratio, 
    a.sql_text STATEMENT, a.action, a.first_load_time, a.module
    FROM dba_users b, v$sqlarea a
    WHERE a.disk_reads > 5000
    AND a.parsing_user_id = b.user_id
    ORDER BY rds_exec_ratio DESC
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