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Formslauncher.class Not Found

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    This error and solution applies to the client connection to Oracle Application 11i or Oracle E-Business Suite


    load: class oracle/apps/fnd/formsclient/formslauncher.class not found


    When accessing any menu that launches core forms, get this error:
    load: class oracle/apps/fnd/formsClient/FormsLauncher.class not found


    Accessing Apps on a new machine for the first time, or a cloned instance for the first time.

    Incorrect proxy exceptions in the Browser settings / configuration caused this issue.
    The list of sites for which no proxy is required had incorrect entries.


    1. Launch a browser window.
    2. Go to Connection Settings for the Browser
    3. Select the Proxy exception list, the list of sites you have specified, for which no proxy is required
    4. Verify / validate all entries in this list.
    5. For eg., you will need to add an entry like *.oracle.com instead of oracle.com to exclude all sites having oracle.com in the domain name
    6. Save the changes.
    7. Login and access the Applications forms in a new browser window.

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