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ORA-01031 Insufficient Privileges

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    The ORA-01031: Insufficient Privileges error occurs when you attempt to execute a program or function for which you have not been granted the appropriate access.

    In most cases, the user receiving this ORA-01031: Insufficient Privileges because lacks of privilege to create/select/insert/update an object such as a table, view, procedure or package.

    The command below is an example of how the select privilege was granted to user on specific table.


    Read the details of ORA-01031 Insufficient Privileges as below.

    Cause: An attempt was made to change the current username or password without the appropriate privilege. This error also occurs if attempting to install a database without the necessary operating system privileges. When trusted Oracle is configure in DBMS MAC, this error may occur if the user was granted the necessary privilege at a higher label than the current login.

    Action: Ask the database administrator to perform the operation or grant the required privileges. For trusted Oracle users getting this error although granted the the appropriate privilege at a higher label, ask the database administrator to regrant the privilege at the appropriate label.

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