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Rapid Clone adcfgclone.pl Error

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    If you are facing an error “ApplyAppsTechStack – the paths/ports in the context file are not valid” when running adcfgclone script via adcfgclone.pl, check back the log file generated from the adcfgclone.pl script.

    $ perl adcfgclone.pl appsTier oracle/crpappl/admin/ORACLE_APPSTIER.xml
    Enter the APPS password [APPS]:
    Running Rapid Clone with command:
    perl oracle/crpcomn/clone/bin/adclone.pl java=oracle/crpcomn/clone/bin/../jre/1.3.1 
    mode=apply stage=oracle/crpcomn/clone/bin/.. component=appsTier 
    method=CUSTOM appctxtg=oracle/crpappl/admin/ORACLE_APPSTIER.xml  
    showProgress contextValidated=false
    Beginning application tier Apply - Tue Apr 21 03:03:17 2009
    Log file located at oracle/crpappl/admin/ORACLE_APPSTIER/log/ApplyAppsTier_04210303.log
    RC-50004: Fatal: Error occurred in ApplyAppsTechStack:
    Cannot proceed with ApplyAppsTechStack-the paths/ports in the context file are not valid
    ERROR while running Apply...
    ERROR: Failed to execute oracle/crpcomn/clone/bin/adclone.pl

    In this case, there are some port defined in the $CONTEXT_FILE was already not available as some other applications might be using this port in the same Oracle Apps server. To double check, run the netstat command as below: –

    UNIX> netstat -na | grep <port number>

    If this command returns an output, this means that the port number defined in the $CONTEXT_FILE was not usable. To correct this, simply vi the $CONTEXT_FILE and change the port number definition for the particular services and re-run adcfgclone again

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