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Add/Register Shell Script In Oracle Applications

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    If you have a shell script which was coded to run certain function for Oracle Applications, you may run it as a concurrent program from Oracle Applications instead on Unix.

    Here’s the steps on how to add/register Shell Script in Oracle Applications: –

    1. Assume you have coded your Shell Script in .sh extension, rename it to become .prog extension. Let’s call it CLEAN_LOG.prog

    2. For this customized CLEAN_LOG.prog, it should be place under $CUSTOM_TOP/bin

    3. Make a symbolic link from your custom shell script to $FND_TOP/bin/fndcpesr

     ln -s $FND_TOP/bin/fndcpesr CLEAN_LOG

    The name of the link must be the same as the custom Shell Script name without .prog.

    The link to the script must be created on the same directory of the custom Shell Script.

    4. Login to Oracle Applications to define your custom Shell Script.

    a. System Administrator – Concurrent – Program – Executables

    Note: The Execution Method must be ‘Host’ and the Application should point to $CUSTOM_TOP. Define the name of your Shell Script without the .prog extension as the name of the executable. In this case, it should be CLEAN_LOG

    b. System Administrator – Concurrent – Program – Define

    Note: You should define this after you completed the executable definition

    5. Your Shell Script will be passed at least 4 parameters, from $1 to $4.

    $1 = oracle username/password
    $2 = userid (apps)
    $3 = username
    $4 = request_id

    Any other parameters you define will be passed in as $5 and higher. Make sure your Shell Script returns an exit status also.

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