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Adrelink.sh FNDSM Error

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    Whenever you need to run adrelink.sh in Oracle Applications E-Business Suite, make sure the application process was down including httpd process and concurrent process.

    There will be problem if the FNDSM process does not shutdown gracefully, then you will facing the error as below.

    You can kill the FNDSM process if you face this issue, but make sure the Oracle Applications E-Business Suite was already down before that.

    Adrelink.sh FNDSM Error

    adrelink.sh force=y "fnd FNDSM" 
    Backing up or removing executables...
    adrelink: error: program FNDSM is not writable.
    Please make sure that the Unix userid running this program has write
    permissions on it, and that it is not in use.  If the program FNDSM
    is in use, please make sure to terminate it before relinking
    Oracle Applications.
    adrelink is exiting with status 1
    End of adrelink session
    Date/time is  Wed Apr 22 08:50:02 UTC 2009
    Line-wrapping log file for readability ...
    Done line-wrapping log file.
    Original copy is /develop_app/dev/devappl/admin/log/adrelink.lsv
    New copy is /develop_app/dev/devappl/admin/log/adrelink.log
    $ ps -ef | grep FNDSM
     applprod 10695     1  0 07:24:15 ?         0:00 FNDSM
     applprod 23380 22771  0 08:50:27 pts/1     0:00 grep FNDSM
    $ kill -9 10695

    So what is FNDSM ?

    FNDSM is executable and core component in GSM (Generic Service Management) and you start FNDSM services via application listener on all Nodes in Application Tier in E-Business Suite.

    GSM (Generic Service Management) was mainly use in Oracle Applications E-Business Suite Java Mailer.

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