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Oracle Applications 11i Backup Recovery

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    Is a challenge to backup your Oracle Applications 11i E-Business Suite and make sure the recovery was working fine.

    There was few folder and directory in Oracle Applications 11i E-Business Suite that we needs to backup for future recovery need.

    The top directory of $COMMON_TOP, $ORACLE_HOME and $APPL_TOP was major system directory that contains applications files, startup & shutdown script for Oracle Applications 11i E-Business Suite.

    Just an example, if your $COMMON_TOP, $ORACLE_HOME and $APPL_TOP was stored in /oracle/applications/11i then you can backup by using tar command as below: –

    Backup Script Command For Oracle Applications 11i

    $ cd /oracle/applications/11i
    $ tar -cvf /backup/PROD_backup_recovery/PROD_appl_backup_<ddmmyy>.tar 
    prodcomn prodappl prodora

    If the $COMMON_TOP, $ORACLE_HOME and $APPL_TOP was to huge to fit into 1 backup file, then use the tar command below to backup the directory in separate backup file

    $ cd $COMMON_TOP/..
    $ tar -cvf /backup/PROD_backup_recovery/PROD_prodcomn_backup_<ddmmyy>.tar prodcomn 
    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/..
    $ tar -cvf /backup/PROD_backup_recovery/PROD_prodora_backup_<ddmmyy>.tar prodora
    $ cd $APPL_TOP/..
    $ tar -cvf /backup/PROD_backup_recovery/PROD_prodappl_backup_<ddmmyy>.tar prodappl
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