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How To Change Oracle Application Password

  • By on February 1, 2009 | 1 Comment

    Based on Oracle Metalink 398942.1. Upon installation of Oracle Applications, a number of schema (sometimes called ORACLE schema) are present in the database. You do not need to create these schema; however, you should change the default passwords.
    These schema come from different sources and can be described as being of the following types:

    1. Schema that exist in every Oracle database (whether used by Oracle Applications or not) [ex: SYS,SYSTEM].

    2. A small set of schema used by shared components of Oracle Applications [for example, APPLSYSPUB,APPLSYS,APPS].

    3. A large set of schema provided by the individual products of Oracle Applications [for example, ABM,AHL,…,ZSA,ZX].

    4. A set of schema that belong to optional database features or third party products these fall into three subtypes:

    1. Used by and patched with Oracle Applications [for example, CTXSYS, PORTAL30].
    2. Used by Oracle Applications but patched only with the RDBMS [for example, MDSYS,ORDSYS]
    3. Not used by Oracle Applications [for example, SCOTT]

    At no time do any of the schema provided with Oracle Applications relate to a particular Oracle Applications user.

    All types of schema are used during run time operations of Oracle Applications and the schema of type 2, 3 & 4.1 are accessed during initial installation and patching.

    For schema passwords, Oracle Applications concerns itself with mainly three passwords for its schema:
    1. A password for APPLSYSPUB (also known as the GATEWAY user). The default password is ‘PUB’.
    2. A password shared between APPLSYS and APPS (also known as FNDNAM). The default password is ‘APPS’.
    3. A password for all of the product-specific base schema (type 3). The default password for these schema is same as the schema name.

    Important: You should change these passwords upon installation.

    To change all ORACLE (type 3) schema passwords:

    Use this command to change the passwords of all schemas provided by Oracle Application products.


    Use the above command with the following arguments. When specifying the ALLORACLE token, FNDCPASS expects the next argument to be the new password.

    logon : The Oracle username/password.

    system/password : The username and password for the SYSTEM DBA account.

    new_password : The new password.

    For example, the following command changes all ORACLE schema passwords to “WELCOME”:

    FNDCPASS apps/apps 0 Y system/manager ALLORACLE WELCOME

    Patch 4926128 contains a SQL script that will list all open accounts with default password in your database.

    » FNDCPASS Oracle Password Change Utility
  1. #1 zenux
    February 2, 2009 2:11 am

    Use the SQL script below to check on your active Oracle Schema: –

    select fav.application_short_name Short
    from fnd_application_vl fav, fnd_product_installations fpi
    where fav.application_id = fpi.application_id
    and fav.application_short_name NOT like ‘SYSADMIN’
    and fpi.status != ‘N’
    order by 1;

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