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Check OIDSRV Process Status

  • By on November 1, 2009 | 1 Comment

    OIDSRV is one of the Oracle Internet Directory Services that you need to monitor. This Unix running process can be monitored using the oidctl command line as below.

    $ oidctl connect=oraoid status
    NLS_LANG not set in environment
    oidctl:Checking Oracle Internet Directory Processes ...
    Process oidmon is alive as PID = 3892
    Checking OIDLDAPD instance 1  ...
    Process oidldapd (dispatcher) is alive as PID = 3898 port=3333 sslport=3334
    oidldapd (server) is alive as PID = 3913
    Checking ODISRV instance 1  ...
    Process odisrv is alive as PID = 3902
    OIDREPLD instance is not configured

    If the OIDSRV is not running, you need to start it up using oidctl command. OIDSRV process was responsible in provision the newly created user from Oracle Internet Directory to Oracle E-Business Suite

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