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How To Check ORASSO Password

  • By on September 16, 2009 | No Comments

    You are looking for ways on how to check the ORASSO password in Oracle Internet Directory or Oracle Single Sign On? The Unix command below can be use to check on the existing ORASSO password.

    ldapsearch -h oracle.single.sign.on.com -p 3060  \
      -D cn=orcladmin -w <password> \
      -b "cn=IAS Infrastructure Databases, cn=ias, cn=Products, cn=OracleContext" \
      -s sub "orclResourceName=ORASSO" orclpasswordattribute
    cn=IAS Infrastructure Databases,cn=IAS,cn=

    As you can see, the password was shown in the orclpasswordattribute.

    Make sure you have the correct privilege to run this command of checking the ORASSO password.

    If you still can’t access the ORASSO password using the output from orclpasswordattribute, then I advise you to reset the ORASSO password from the database.

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