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Oracle Concurrent Request Error Script

  • By on April 26, 2009 | 1 Comment

    Do you need a script to check on the error on your Oracle Concurrent Request? Sometimes a script to check on the Oracle Concurrent Request is more useful than navigating into the Oracle Applications to check.

    The script below will return any error in Oracle Concurrent Request for 7 days and for all the request. With the error information output from the script below, you may find the frequency of the error in your Oracle Concurrent Request.

    SELECT a.request_id "Req Id"
    , actual_start_date
    , actual_completion_date
    ,c.concurrent_program_name || ': ' || ctl.user_concurrent_program_name "program"
    FROM APPLSYS.fnd_Concurrent_requests a,APPLSYS.fnd_concurrent_processes b
    ,applsys.fnd_concurrent_queues q
    ,APPLSYS.fnd_concurrent_programs c
    ,APPLSYS.fnd_concurrent_programs_tl ctl
    WHERE a.controlling_manager = b.concurrent_process_id
    AND a.concurrent_program_id = c.concurrent_program_id
    AND a.program_application_id = c.application_id
    AND a.status_code = 'E'
    AND a.phase_code = 'C'
    AND actual_start_date > sysdate - 7
    AND b.queue_application_id = q.application_id
    AND b.concurrent_queue_id = q.concurrent_queue_id
    AND ctl.concurrent_program_id = c.concurrent_program_id
    AND ctl.LANGUAGE = 'US'
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  1. #1 Oracle Apps DBA
    May 1, 2009 10:09 pm

    If I do encounter the error in the Concurrent Request, is there any standard steps that I can take for troubleshooting?

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