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Enable Oracle Application License

  • By on July 16, 2009 | Comments Off on Enable Oracle Application License

    In Oracle Application E-Business Suite, there was range of financial & logistic product installed at first place.

    But some was not enable after installation, and you may check if the product was installed or not by using the query as below.

    SELECT substr(app.application_short_name,1,10) Name ,
    app.application_id ,
    pi.product_version ,
    pi.status ,
    FROM fnd_product_installations pi ,
    fnd_application app
    WHERE app.application_id = pi.application_id
    AND app.application_short_name LIKE '%GL%'
    ORDER BY app.application_short_name;
    Note: WHERE STATUS can be I - installed, S - shared , N - NOT installed

    If the status was not ‘I’, then you can update it by using the statement as below to enable the Oracle product license. Make sure you backup the fnd_product_installations before proceed to the update statement

    UPDATE fnd_product_installations
    SET STATUS = 'I' 
    WHERE application_id = <application id>
    AND STATUS = 'S'

    As an alternative, you can enable the product license by login into OAM – Sitemap – License – Products if you are comfortable using the update statement as above.

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