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Enable ODISRV Trace For DIP Provisioning

  • By on June 11, 2009 | 1 Comment

    Previously I have wrote one blog post regarding SSO/OID integration with Oracle E-Business Suite where we need to perform some configuration registration command to enable the SSO/OID link with Oracle E-Business Suite.

    Sometimes,the user created in OID was not provision to Oracle E-Business Suite although you have register the SSO/OID using the bi-directional provisioning template.

    It was difficult to troubleshoot with setting the trace on ODISRV DIP provisioning.

    To enable the trace, you have to shutdown the ODISRV process in the OID server.

    Stop OIDSRV using oidctl command

    Although you can use opmnctl stopall to shutdown the whole OID, I have another good command for you just to shutdown the OIDSRV process.

    Before that you have to run ps -ef | grep oidsrv to get the connection name and instance number of the running OIDSRV process.

    $ oidctl connect=<SID_NAME> server=odisrv instance=<INSTANCE_NUMBER> stop

    For example: –

    $ oidctl connect=ORACLEOID server=odisrv instance=1 stop

    Start OIDSRV using oidctl command with trace enabled

    It will take some time for the ODISRV process to be ended on the backgroud.

    Do a ps -ef | grep odisrv to make sure the ODISRV process was no longer exist before you proceed to startup.

    Use the command below to startup the OIDSRV process with trace enabled: –

    $ oidctl connect=<SID_NAME> \
    server=ODISRV \
    instance=<INSTANCE_NUMBER> \
    flags="port=<PORT_NUMBER> debug=63" \

    For example: –

    $ oidctl connect=ORACLEOID \
    server=ODISRV \
    instance=1 \
    flags="port=3060 debug=63" \

    Once the OIDSRV process was started up, you can see there’s trace log file generated in $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/log and $ORACLE_HOME/ldap/odi/log.

    You may try to create one user in ODM and view the trace log file to see the event details for the user provisioning.

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