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Enable Trace On Concurrent Program

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    1. Please enable trace on the concurrent program using the following steps:
    – Go to Systems Administrator > Concurrent > Program > Define
    – Query the concurrent program
    – Check the trace box to enable trace. Save the changes
    – Now go to the responsibility and run the request.

    2. Please use the following SQL to help identify the trace file related to your concurrent request.Enter the concurrent request number when prompted in the following  SQL:

    SQL> SELECT 'Request id: '||request_id ,
    'Trace id: '||oracle_Process_id,
    'Trace Flag: '||req.enable_trace,
    'Trace Name:
    'Prog. Name: '||prog.user_concurrent_program_name,
    'File Name: '||execname.execution_file_name||execname.subroutine_name ,
    'Status : '||decode(phase_code,'R','Running')
    'SID Serial: '||ses.sid||','|| ses.serial#,
    'Module : '||ses.module
    FROM fnd_concurrent_requests req, v$session ses, v$process proc,
    v$parameter dest, v$parameter dbnm, fnd_concurrent_programs_vl prog,
    fnd_executables execname
    WHERE req.request_id = :request_id
    AND req.oracle_process_id=proc.spid(+)
    AND proc.addr = ses.paddr(+)
    AND dest.name='user_dump_dest'
    AND dbnm.name='db_name'
    AND req.concurrent_program_id = prog.concurrent_program_id
    AND req.program_application_id = prog.application_id
    AND prog.application_id = execname.application_id
    AND prog.executable_id=execname.executable_id
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