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How To Compile JSP Files In Oracle Applications

  • By on September 11, 2009 | No Comments

    If you are looking on how to compile JSP files in Oracle Applications, refer to the command below to achieve it.

    Remember you need to login as the application owner in order to run this script as below: –

    Compile JSP Files Script

    $ $JTF_TOP/admin/scripts
    $ cd $JTF_TOP/admin/scripts
    $ perl ojspCompile.pl --compile
    identifying apache_top.../develop_app/patch/patchora/iAS
    identifying apache_config_top.../develop_app/patch/patchora/iAS
    identifying java_home.../opt/java1.4
    identifying jsp_dir.../oracle/apps/common/html
    identifying pages_dir.../oracle/apps/common
    identifying classpath...file:///develop_app/patch/patchora/iAS/Apache
    auto-logging to /oracle/apps/common/_pages/ojsp_error.log
    starting...(compiling delta)
    using 8i internal ojsp ver:
    including compatibility flag -whiteSpaceBetweenScriptlet
    synchronizing dependency file:
      loading deplist...15411
      enumerating jsps...15411
      updating dependency...0
    initializing compilation:
      eliminating children...12321 (-3090)
      searching uncompiled...0
    No compilations needed.

    Why do you need to compile the scripts? Sometimes when you run adpatch the JSP was not compiled according to the patch log.

    So you can do it by triggering the script for JSP compilation.

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