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Invalid Database Object

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    Most of the time, invalid database object will cause an error in Oracle Applications screen. Run the SQL script below to make sure the object name was still valid in all_objects table

    SELECT object_name, object_type 
    FROM all_objects 

    You may run another SQL script below to check if the package is valid or not.

    SELECT do.owner,do.object_name pname,do.object_type , do.status FROM dba_objects do
    WHERE do.object_name = <package name>;

    If this package is not valid, then validate/recompile this package and re-test the error in Oracle Applications again.

    ALTER package <schema name>.<package name> compile;

    If the compilation of the package still encountered error, get the version of the package by using the SQL script as below and submit a SR to Oracle Metalink.

    SELECT TEXT FROM all_source WHERE line = 2 AND name = <package name> 
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