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Load Java Files To Oracle E-Business Suite 11i

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    Verify all the java files listed in the adldjava.drv under the location $AD_TOP/admin/driver

    # $Header: adldjava.drv 115.1 2004/04/23 19:58:15 rmamo ship $
    # This is the manifest text file listing all  the JAR files
    # extracted from database drivers of 11.5.5, 11.5.7 and 11.5.8
    # Maintenance packs . These Jar files will be reloaded into the
    # database using the adadmin utility
    # Important ****Do not delete this file******

    loadjava asf java/jar asfleadshare.jar
    loadjava asg java/jar asgmtran.jar
    loadjava csf java/jar csflf.jar
    loadjava csf java/jar csflf.jar
    loadjava cz java/jar czdb.jar
    loadjava eam java/jar eampmsch.jar
    loadjava eam java/jar eamwkbch.jar
    loadjava ecx java/jar ecxutils.jar
    loadjava fnd java/3rdparty/stdalone xmlparserv2.zip
    loadjava fnd java/jar fndsec.jar
    loadjava ibe java/jar ibeeos.jar
    loadjava ieu java/jar ieutrans.jar
    loadjava inv java/jar invdbtrx.jar
    loadjava pay java/jar payproc.jar
    loadjava pay java/jar payutil.jar
    loadjava per java/jar perimage.jar
    loadjava per java/jar perkpiclient.jar
    loadjava wms java/jar wmscrtzn.jar
    loadjava xtr java/jar xtrintrp.jar

    Run adadmin and select the following options

    a) Generate JAR files

    – Generate Applications Files menu

    – Generate product JAR files

    Answer “YES” when “Do you wish to force regeneration of all jar files? ” if asked

    b) Reload those JAR files

    – Compile/Reload Applications Database Entities menu

    – Reload JAR files to database

    This will load the jar files listed in $AD_TOP/admin/driver/adldjava.drv

    Run adadmin and select “Compile/Reload Applications Database Entities menu – Compile APPS schema” option to validate all the invalid objects and verify if any invalid JAVA Objects left using sql below, there shouldn’t be any

    SELECT object_type, dbms_java.longname (object_name), STATUS
    FROM dba_objects
    WHERE owner = 'APPS'
    AND object_type LIKE '%JAVA%' ORDER BY 1,2,3;
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