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OIDSRV Failover Script Check

  • By on October 6, 2009 | No Comments

    Many times there’s this question on how to check the time for OIDSRV to failover from node A to node B in RAC. There might be scenario that OIDSRV stop running in node A due to error and you need to verify that you have the failover setting enabled.

    If you used opmnctl to stop the OID component which was OIDSRV, the failover won’t be activated. The failover only happens in case of unexpected error for OIDSRV.

    You can check what is the current failover time in your Oracle Internet Directory OIDSRV process using the ldapsearch script.

    How To Check OIDSRV Failover Time Setting

    ldapsearch -h oracle.internet.directory.com -p 3060 -D "cn=orcladmin" -w password -b 
    "cn=dsaconfig, cn=configsets, cn=oracle internet directory" 
    -s base "objectclass=*" orclfailoverenabled
    cn=dsaconfig,cn=configsets,cn=oracle internet directory
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