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Oracle Identity Management (OIM) Installation Error

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    If you are installing Oracle Identity Management (OIM) but face error during configuration assistants was running, then is the best way to examine the related log to troubleshoot the error.

    Remember, whenever you configuration assistants in Oracle Universal Installer halt with error, there’s always a button Retry for you to run again.

    The configuration assistants will run soon after the OID, SSO, OC4J, HTTP Server, DIP and other component was installed.

    I would always advise you to try to let the configuration assistants to complete all the recommended running component.


    Result Code         Description
    ===========         =============================
    0                   Configuration assistant succeeded
    1                   Configuration assistant failed
    -1                  Configuration assistant canceled

    If you accidentally has closed the X-Window of Oracle Universal Installer during the configuration assistants run, then you may rerun again by invoking an executable command line configtoolcmds.pl.

    configtoolcmds.pl was generated in $ORACLE_HOME/bin after you exit Oracle Universal Installer.

    During silent or non-interactive installation, the configtoolcmds.pl script is generated immediately after the configuration assistant fails.

    You may run the configuration assistants using by invoking the command as below: –

    $ perl $ORACLE_HOME/bin/configtoolcmds.pl
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