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Oracle Database ORA-00600 Error

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    If it happens that the ORA-00600 appear in the database alert log, then is time to troubleshoot on how the error came. For each ORA-00600 error, it will generate a trace file for the dump destination.

    Most of the time, DBA will log SR to Oracle Support and these trace file was useful as a piece of info for troubleshooting.

    You have to run tkprof of this trace file. Search for tkprof in this blog, and you will find a post on how to run a tkprof.

    Errors in file /app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db/admin/PROD/udump/prod_ora_28276.trc:
    ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kksGetStats: no-stats], [0x000000000], [], [], [], [], [], []

    Errors in file /app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db/admin/PROD/udump/prod_ora_678.trc:
    ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kpotcprc: uga depth exceeded], [16], [], [], [], [], [], []

    Errors in file /app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db/admin/PROD/bdump/prod_q003_25984.trc:
    ORA-22303: type “SYS”.”AQ$_AGENT” not found
    ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
    ORA-04031: unable to allocate 32 bytes of shared memory (“shared pool”,”select user#,type# from user…”,”sql area”,”tmp”)

    From the alert log that I used for analysis, it seems that the shared pool memory was fragmented and leak  after several ORA-00600 hits the database.

    It was just an assumption as ORA-00600 sometimes will cause corruption on data block and memory fragmentation.

    The best solution in this error was to: –

    1) Check with Oracle Support on the cause of the ORA-00600 error by uploading the trace file and tkprof file

    2) Increase the shared pool memory and monitor the database memory usage closely.

    Check out Metalink Note:153788.1 for more information and details regarding the ORA-00600 error.

    Some of the common ORA-00600 error: –
    1. An Oracle ORA-00600 [729] :  indicates a memory leak in the UGA. Setting diagnostic events 10262 ignores this error, that is, no ORA-00600 is produced even if a memory leak is detected.
    2. ORA-00600 [16365] :  indicates a Half Duplex Violation. Shared servers and dispatchers cannot both be writing to the same virtual curcuit at the same time because they communicate with a half-duplex protocol (TTC protocol).
    3. ORA-00600 [kghpih:ds] :  and ORA-00600 [17175] may occur in oracle when two processes work on the same library cache object. fixed in oracle Note:300604.1
    4. An Oracle ORA-00600 [3020]  : Bug.2322620 – RECOVERY HALTED ON PHYSICAL STANDBY WITH ORA-600 AND ORA-10564    Details:              ORA-600 [3020] can occur on recovery of LOB data.Fixed in    PAtch available. This error  occurred on our database recovery on the primary server.
    5. ora-00600 [12333] : Most probably a network error that may have caused bad data to be received or the client application may have sent the wrong data in the network buffer.
    6. Oracle ORA-00600 [12700] : Indicates corruption in index, table or the mapping between them. Upon this discovery, oracle marks the whole block as corrupt and users will not have normal access to the data from the corrupted block. This can also break referntial integrity and should be referred to oracle.
    7. ORA-00600 [lxhcsn] : Shutdown may dump ORA-7445. Known Bug 2311529

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