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Oracle 11i Forms Runtime Diagnostic

  • By on February 16, 2009 | No Comments

    Many times we face issue with the form and we have to carry out the debugging at runtime as we give input to the form. This kind of situations can be handled easily using FRD (Forms Runtime Diagnostics). This feature is available in 11i as well as in R12. In this post we will see how to enable the diagnostics and view the trace files in Oracle Apps 11i. You can also check one of my old post about generating forms trace files in Oracle E-Business Suite R12.

    The following method applies to 11.5.10 and above.

    1. Check the value of “ICX:Forms launcher” profile option.

    Current value set for this profile in my environment is : http://test.us.oracle.com:8078/dev60cgi/f60cgi

    2.Append the ICX:Forms launcher profile value with the “Forms Runtime Diagnostics (FRD)” variables. Following are the different variables available in FRD

    * record=all
    * config=debug
    * log=

    So the new “ICX: Forms Launcher” profile value will become : http://test.us.oracle.com:8078/dev60cgi/f60cgi?record=all&log=/tmp/avdeo_frd.log

    3. Close the forms and then go to the home page and open the form you want to work upon. No need to bounce the forms services.

    Also you will be able to see the trace file at the location given by variable “log=” In my case the trace file is present in /tmp directory.

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