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Oracle Concurrent Manager Process

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    Whenever you shutdown your Oracle Concurrent Manager using the adcmctl.sh or adstpall.sh, you might need to check all the concurrent process was clear from Unix side before proceed to shutdown the Oracle Database.

    UNIX> ps -ef | grep FNDSM

    UNIX> ps -ef | grep FNDFS

    UNIX> ps -ef | grep rwmts60

    UNIX> ps -ef | grep LIB

    Make sure there’s no process return from all the command above.

    Sometimes you will found some zombie process was running after you execute the shutdown script such as [FNDLIBR ]

    If you tries to shutdown Oracle Database with clearing all the concurrent process, the shutdown will take a longer time.

    UNIX> kill -9 `ps -ef|grep FNDLIBR|grep -v grep|awk{print $2}`

    To clear all the process name with FNDLIBR

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