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Oracle Discoverer Reporting Tools

  • By on June 11, 2009 | No Comments

    Oracle Discoverer was still popular among the reporting tools available in the business intelligence market.

    It’s always a challenge to find way to deploy the Discoverer report correctly. For example: – deploy the report from TEST to PROD.

    The basic method of deploying the Discoverer report was by exporting out the Discoverer report from TEST and then import back into the PROD.

    Steps to export Oracle Discoverer Report

    1. Login to Oracle Discoverer Administrator as eul10g_us

    2. Go to File – Export and choose “Selected objects in the End User Layer” and click Next

    3. Choose workbooks and select the workbook that you want to export.

    4. Choose the location that you want to save the Discoverer Report files in .eex extension

    Steps to import Oracle Discoverer Report

    1. Login to Oracle Discoverer Administrator as the user that you want to deploy the report

    2. Go to File – Import – Add File and add in the .eex files that you export earlier

    3. You can use “Rename the imported object” just in case there are existing report that already deployed before.

    4. Choose “Always take ownership of imported workbooks” to take the ownership of the workbooks

    5. Click Start to start the import process of the Discoverer Report.

    This is all you need to deploy the Oracle Discoverer from TEST to PROD instance. The export utility can be treated as the backup of the Discoverer Report as well.

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