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Oracle Patch Log File Troubleshooting

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    Sometimes you facing error when applying Oracle patch in application level and you have question: –

    What if you encounter any problem while applying patches?
    Where to look for any error messages?
    How to control patch workers and how to restart a failed patch?

    First place to look for failed patch is log file for patch. Log file for adpatch will exist in location which you mentioned by running adpatch. Usually it will be stored in $APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK/log directory.

    While applying d or g driver, adpatch apply these patches via workers and these workers are controlled by utility called as adctrl ( ad control ).

    Open another session & login as application O.S. user (like applprod ) and run adctrl, you will see option 1 to see status of worker.

    Check which worker is showing as failed state and then go to that worker log file in same location ($APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK/log). You will see log file like adwork001.log adwork002.log to adwork0008.log so if your worker 01 failed open log file adwork001.log and fix the problem.

    After fixing the error, execute adctrl and select option Restart Failed Worker & then give worker number you want to restart.

    If you want to skip a worker, this option is not visible and do it at your own risk there is option 8 (depending on your AD version, it might vary so if adctrl is displaying 7 options skip worker will be option 8 and if adctrl is showing 6 options skip worker will be option 7)

    If still you can’t fix or you don’t find any related error message in Metalink, raise a Service Request to Oracle.

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