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Oracle User Responsibility Script

  • By on May 10, 2009 | No Comments

    You have an Oracle Applications System or Oracle E-Business Suite 11i running on your organization.

    In big organization, access control audit was often deployed out to check on the Oracle user access and responsibility.

    So you need a script to spool all the active Oracle Applications user access and responsibility.

    SELECT a.user_name, a.last_logon_date, a.employee_id, a.description, a.Start_date, 
    a.end_date, c.responsibility_name, a.last_logon_date, 
    sysdate - NVL(a.last_logon_date,sysdate)
    FROM apps.fnd_user a,
    apps.fnd_user_resp_groups b,
    apps.fnd_responsibility_tl c,
    apps.per_all_people_f d
    WHERE a.user_id=b.user_id
    --and a.user_name like '%'
    AND b.responsibility_id=c.responsibility_id
    AND a.end_date IS NULL
    AND c.responsibility_name LIKE '%'
    AND a.employee_id = d.person_id
    --and a.creation_date > '01-APR-2008'
    --and a.creation_Date < '31-MAY-2008'

    The SQL above can helps you in getting the list of Oracle user and responsibility.

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