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Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer

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    Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer often stored the notification data in a table called wf_notifications.

    Usually when the Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer deals with process of sending notification to the end user, then wf_notifications will be involved in storing the notification data.

    From time to time there might be user complain that they does not receive any e-mail notification from Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer, which should be send by the standard Oracle Java Mailer program.

    Troubleshoot the Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer

    To troubleshoot the Oracle Workflow Notification Mailer, use the script below to check any pending e-mail notification that was pending for process.

    SELECT COUNT(*), message_name FROM wf_notifications
    AND mail_status = 'MAIL'
    GROUP BY message_name
    SELECT * FROM wf_notifications
    AND mail_status = 'SENT'
    ORDER BY begin_date DESC

    Oracle Workflow e-mail notification is sent: –
    a) If notification status is OPEN or CANCELED and
    b) If notification mail_status is MAIL or INVALID and
    c) If Recipient Role has a valid e-mail address and Notification Preference is in the format MAIL%
    d) If Workflow Deferred Agent Listener is running
    e) If Workflow Notification Mailer is running

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