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Putty SFTP Command Authentication Without Password

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    Looking for script on how to use Putty SFTP command and connect to FTP server using authentication without password? You can achieve it by using PuttyGen tools which will generate a pair of public and private key which enable you to connect without using password.

    PuttyGen which known as Putty Key Generator is a free software which you can download along with Putty and Putty Secure FTP.

    How To Configure SFTP Account With No Password

    Launch your PuttyGen software and click Generate button to generate a public and private key pair.

    You have to move your mouse over the blank area of PuttyGen screen so it can create randomness key pair.

    You will see the screen as above in the end of public and private key generation. Click save private key button and save the file as private.ppk in Windows C hard drive.

    You can choose to save public key or copy the public key ssh-rsa string into Notepad.

    Telnet or SSH to the server that you want to FTP without password and navigate to $HOME/.ssh where it has the file authorized_keys located inside.

    Create a backup of the file authorized_keys before you append the public key ssh-rsa string into it.

    In the end, launch your DOS command prompt and execute the command as below with Putty Secure FTP resides in Windows C hard drive.

    c:\psftp.exe username@hostname -i c:\private.ppk

    You will see the SFTP authentication will not be using any password to access the server.

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