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Remove ^M Character From Unix File Using VI

  • By on April 27, 2010 | No Comments

    Looking for command to remove special character using VI edit in Unix operating system?

    Special character like ^M in your shell script file will eventually caused problem as you run the script.

    Interpreter “/usr/bin/ksh” not found is one of the example error you will got if there’s special character ^M in your scripting file.

    Remove Unix Special Character Command

    $ ./script.sh 
    interpreter "/usr/bin/ksh" not found
    ksh: ./script.sh:  not found

    Open your file in VI editor and type :%s/(CTRL-V)(CTRL-M)//g to fix this.

    The ^M will be removed once you hit the Enter button.

    $ vi script.sh

    ^v is a CONTROL-V character and ^m is a CONTROL-M character and :%s is a basic search and replace command in vi with g at the end will replace all matching globally.

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