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CSS Tuning Technique Method

  • By on January 10, 2009 | No Comments

    Most of the website nowadays used CSS or Cascading Stylesheets to improve the look and feel.

    However, most of the web page rendering was slow due to poor written CSS causing slow in loading.

    The following 10 best practices are designed to speed-optimize your CSS, and your HTML markup:

    1. Replace inline style with type selectors to target multiple instances of identical elements.

    2. Use descendant selectors to avoid inline classes.

    3. Group selectors with common declarations.

    4. Group declarations with common selectors.

    5. Combine common styles into shared classes.

    6. Use inheritance to eliminate duplicate declarations.

    7. Use CSS shorthand to abbreviate rules and colors.

    8. Abbreviate long class and ID names.

    9. Use CSS2 and CSS3.x techniques.

    10. Replace JavaScript behavior with CSS techniques.

    Keep in mind on this 10 rules which will help to speed up CSS loading in your webpage

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